Saturday, January 15, 2011

*Recipe Review* - Breakfast Sandwich on the go!

As a commuter I am always looking for easy, yummy and MOST IMPORTANTLY portable  breakfast that aren't killer in points to eat on the Ferry en route to work. I  have always been so intimidated by the "egg cup" idea but after a long message  board thread last night with a million egg ideas I decided to grab the bull by  the horns and try it. So my first egg sandwich went a little something like this:  1 Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain White Deli flat (3pts) 1 egg (2 pts) 1 egg white (0pts) I laughing cow cheese (1 pt) 2 Tb chopped onion and green pepper (0 pts)  Spray inside of small ramekin with Pam cooking spray Crack egg and egg white into Ramekin Add peppers and onions, scramble Add laughing cow cheese in small pieces
Microwave one minute while toasting flatbread 
Voila! Assemble sandwich!  Ok now for the review portion of the show: My first comment is how surprised I am at A) how much the egg fluffs up to be (I  expected a hockey puck tiny thing like you get on Mcdonald's egg mcmuffins) and  B) how light and fluffy the eggs were - NOT rubbery and greasy like I  anticipated!  The sandwich (once assembled) was wrapped up tight in some Reynolds wrap and eaten  about 30 minutes later and while the bread got soft (expected, oh well)  everything was still pretty warm and good looking. After sprinkling some salt  and pepper I chowed down and it was ....... AWESOME. The veggies were crunchy  and the patches of cheese were smooth and creamy, the whole thing was scarffed  in under 5 minutes and was just the right size, If not bigger than I needed. I  usually eat small breakfasts like yogurt, fruit or a small cup of oatmeal for  under 5 points and while this was slightly more it was totally worth it!! Now my  head it brimming with what else I can put in with the eggs - like salsa and cheddar or mozzarella And basil, ham and cheese - the possibilities are endless. 
I have officially been converted and am now on the egg cup bandwagon - thank you boardies for 
helping me see the light!!     

Happy new year!

 I am pleased to announce that I started my new year with two resolutions that so  far (15 days later - a record) I have stuck to! I finally decided to embrace the new WW Points Plus system and got back on the  wagon so the two-fold resolve was to stay OP and also make a gym schedule and  stick to it. Tracking wise I have been doing really well and with the exception  of giving myself last night off the gym has been a success too!  Throughout Halloween and Thanksgiving (Since I haven't updated this in a while)  I did really well until the plan switched around the end of November. I was  hoping to hit 145 the week of Christmas but it wasn't till I started P+ and  started tracking seriously again that I came close - I weighed in last monday at  145.8! My lowest in years! I'm so motivated and feel on track and am hoping  (expecting) to hit 144 or less at next weight in :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

As usual! It's been a while since I updated so here's the scoop!

WLJ is still in affect and now more than ever! A few weeks ago I recommitted myself (how many times is this now?) and have seen great results so far - proving if you really work the program - it really works. A month ago I was maintaining around 153/154 now I'm hovering somewhere around 150 and hoping to see the big 149 OR LESS on Monday when I weigh in! Today I scale peeked and was at 149.8 and was so elated it gave me such a boost for the whole morning and kept me on track for the menu I had planned (instead of grabbing a ham and cheese croissant which is oh-so-tempting at Au Bon Pain in the ferry terminal).

In other news October is almost over - already! This is disappointing since it's pretty much my favorite month. Warrior Dash was on the 10th and I had a blast! While my training for it didn't go exactly as I planned (surprise surprise) I was still able to finish in under an hour - which pleases me even though most people in our group finished in like 30-40 minutes. Dan, who eventually signed up insisted from the beginning, that he didn't need to train and "running is easy" didn't do quite as well as HE hoped. I ended up catching up to him and our friend Ryan about 1/4 the way through the race and we stuck together the rest of the way which was kinda nice. The pictures from that day rule! What pleased me most though was that our entire group (about 15 people) ALL had a FANTASTIC time and everyone immediately agreed to doing it again next year! So June 2011 Warrior Dash - here we come!

I feel really good and finally like everything is on track - I finally finished putting all the pieces together and started my Etsy cookie shop - AND I got my first order on Monday so I've been spending the entire week baking, icing and packaging. Dan is, definitely, annoyed that the kitchen countertop hasn't been visible in weeks - what with all the baking pans and cooling racks and icing spills. But I'm sure the happier spirited girlfriend is well worth the mess :). Dan and I take vacation next week and I'm very excited.


The whole week is going to be full of exercising, costume making and pumpkin carving - can't wait!!

Till then!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lots to update!! = )

So I dropped the ball...= (
In more ways than one!
I did NOT meet goal before going to Mexico and have NOT updated this in forever!

However, NOW I am checking in and back OP.
First things first -- Mexico was AWESOME!! I had such a blast and decided to simply not let the fact that I did not hit goal effect my vacation and get me down. Plus we got 5 nights free to go back within the next year and decided our next trip there will be during the winter right after the new year -- so now I have something to work for again since my birthday is around that time too = )

Next up, I am happy to report that just because my vacation has come and gone does NOT mean I have given up my WW goals. In fact, once I got back (and found out I only gained .6 pounds on vacation - isn't that impossible?!) I amped up my efforts and have started losing again. I bought a new heart rate monitor which I am jumping at the bit to use (first time today!) and decided to do a 5K to get myself motivated for something.

One of the girls on the WW Message Boards (thanks again, Jerzey@Heart!) posted a link up for something called the Warrior Dash! Something that I am not SUPER PUMPED about and recruited about 8 of my friends for. It is basically a standard 5K BUT with obstacles along the way, like jogging up hills, through the woods, climbing through mud under barbed wire and climbing up cargo nets. I am totally jazzed and am starting my Couch to 5K program tonight since I only have EXACTLY 9 weeks to get prepped! ::fingers crossed:: Even if I don't "win" I am still excited to participate and train and while I couldn't get the boy to register and run with me, he is going to be there with bells on (and beers in hand) to cheer me on as I crawl through mud, jump over burning logs and cross the finish line! = )

Can you tell I'm excited?

Last note -- on a not really WW related front, I started a project within the past week I have been eager too for a while and am happy to report that it is starting to stand on its (very) baby legs! I have been wanting to start an etsy shop dedicated to cookies for parties and such and made my first real batch for my nephews christening - and I think they came out pretty adorable = ).
I will be putting pictures up on my etsy shop today and start pricing things so check it out and check back often for more stuff since it is DEF a work in progress (and HARD work to make all the cookies without eating the finished results!!). Plus if you know anyone who needs something like this -- hook a sister up and let them know = )

(It's called high score sweets because eventually most of the merch will be video game/geek culture based...but teddy bears, rocking horses and baby onesies never hurt anybody!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Self Sabotage

So its been a while since I updated here and in all that time I don't even have good news to share regarding my WLJ! I am totally sabotaging myself!! But the time is nigh to kick my ass gear since Mexico trip approaches more quickly every day. I really need to limit myself to the points I have and exercise everyday but I notice that not only am I eating "junkier" food lately but, also, a lot of it - old habits die hard, huh?

Also, I find myself feeling so stressed out everyday and I am sure that has something to do with it. I constantly feel like I am forgetting to do something (or actually am forgetting to do something) and walk around with this feeling of anxiety. Like right now. It is 6:23. I woke up at 5:30 with the TV and lights all on, and my boyfriend sleeping on the couch with the living room in the same disarray - I got up to shut everything, started worrying about flowers for Mother's Day and couldn't go back to sleep until I found a florist near my Mom's house who would take an order the day of Mother's Day without raping me on surcharges. BTW, FTD sucks and is super overpriced.

One thing of note to mention, which I can only imagine might make my WLJ more difficult is that I recently decided to start a little Etsy shop of baked goods. Specifically, I am interested in making geek culture sugar cookie designs and decorating them. It sounds kinda lame to be like "cookies, yea" but when I looked online for buying it seemed to be a niche I could fit into. I understand the culture and have read so many blogs about decorating tips, techniques, etc I think I could host my own cookie decorating seminar. Of course, putting those techniques into practice is really the key part so tomorrow I go to work baking up a storm and taking a picture of my delicious (hopefully) successes.

Alright, time to try to go back to sleep - or at least zone out watching Law and Order:SVU.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Crunches!!

Today’s a double post since I hadn’t posted in a while. So the decision was made: this year’s vacation is to MEXICO. We’re scoping out All-Inclusive resorts and comparing the amenities but that means one thing to me – my work starts NOW.

I joined a (more expensive) gym so that I would actually feel bad if I didn’t go and have actually started to understand what people see in this whole thing. After hiring a personal trainer, who has been kicking my butt and going about 4-5 times a week, I feel very accomplished at my unusual “stick-to-it-ivness”. I bought a whole new workout wardrobe too so I actually feel good when I go and realized I like strength training a whole lot more than I thought I would.

So far so good! Now all I need to know is when I start seeing the results. = )

Less Cupcakes??

So despite this blog being about LESS cupcakes, everyone at my job is obsessed with this cupcake shop, Sweet Avenue. I have to admit, I can’t always resist. Their cupcakes are vegan so I tend to think that they are probably a little less fattening than regular cupcakes but who knows! Unless I have the nutritional info I can’t really get down to the bottom of this.
Meanwhile, I will have to keep OCCASIONALLY indulging.